AquaDomus is an integrated ‘Plug&Play’ system to manage water pressurization for domestic and residential applications

Q max: 5,4 [m3/h]

H max: 63 [m]

Adaptable performances

The extreme flexibility of the AquaDomus pressurization unit provides the user with infinite combination of pressures and flows within the working range with a maximum pressure of 6 bar and a flow of 5.4m3/h .

Energy saving

Thanks to the frequency modulation of the inverter, the unit constantly supplies the specific water request and guarantees substantial energy savings. In addition, AquaDomus is equipped with a power limitator so, in its various duty points, the unit will never absorbe a power higher than 800W thus not exceeding the limit of the domestic energy supply.

Easy installation

The extreeme compactness of the unit allows the user to install it in any domestic place while the dedicated app allows the user to set up and control continously the unit .