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The HP line is an horizontal multistage pump range with "ring section" design. Both pump flanges are radial design. This range is equipped with grease lubricated bearings, gland-packing seal type and it is suitable for pressure applications up to 64 Bar. Special materials and seal executions are available on demand. Water booster sets, irrigation systems, potable water distribution plants are the most common applications.


Q max: 1200 [m3/h]

H max: 1000 [m]

Pump body Cast iron / AISI 316 / Duplex

Pump shaft AISI431 / AISI 316 / Duplex

Pump bearings lubricationGrease

Seal type standard Gland packing

Seal type on request Graph./SIC/EPDM un-balanced or Balanced

Liquid temperature '-10 - 90 °C - up to 120°C with Mech. Seal

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