Two impeller centrifugal pump to build pressurisation systems for civil and industrial plants; the two opposed impellers guarantee high head with good delivery.

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Pump bodycast iron

Motor bracketcast iron

Impellerbrass or noryl® (CB100÷900), brass (CB800÷1500)

Mechanical seal ceramic-graphite

Motor shaftstainless steel AISI 304, stainless steel AISI 416 (CB100)

Liquid temperaturenoryl® impeller: 0 - 50 °C, brass impeller: 0 - 90 °C

Operating pressuremax 6 bar (CB100), max 11 bar (CB160÷1500)


2 poles induction motor 1~ 230V-50Hz
3~ 230/400V-50Hz P≤ 4kW
3~ 400/690V-50Hz P> 4kW

Insulation class F

Protection degree IP44
IP55 (CB800÷1500)

P2: 1 - 15 [HP]

Q max: 33 [m3/h]

H max: 97,8 [m]