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MN EN 733

Monobloc horizontal centrifugal pump, constructed to EN 733 standards, with stub-shaft and bracket for coupling to standard motors; widely used in water supplies, pressurisation and fire-fighting systems, standard supply with counter-flange.

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P2: 2 - 50 [HP]

Q max: 330 [m3/h]

H max: 103 [m]

Pump bodystainless steel AISI 316

Motor Bracket/Seal Platecast iron

Impellerstainless steel

Mechanical sealCeramic/Graphite/NBR

Pump shaft endstainless steel AISI 316

Liquid temperature'-10 · +90 °C

Operating pressuremax 10 bar


2 poles induction motor 3~ 230/400V-50Hz
P ≤ 4kW
3~ 400/690V-50Hz
P > 4kW

Insulation class F

Protection degree IP55

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