Stainless steel multistage vertical pumps. For non-loaded clean fluids, pressurizing system, irrigation, drinking and glycol water, water treatment, food industry, heating and air conditioning, washing system.

Pump bodycast iron

Motor bracketcast iron

Impeller, diffusernoryl®

Shell, motor shaftstainless steel AISI 304

Intermediate shaft guiding stage bushceramic-tungsten carbide

Mechanical sealceramic-graphite ≤ 6 impellers, graphite-silicon carbide ≥ 7 impellers

Ambient temperaturemax 40 °C

Pump body gasket EPDM


2 poles induction motor 3~ 230/400V-50Hz P ≤ 4kW
3~ 400/690V-50Hz P> 4kW
1~ 230V-50Hz
(with thermal protection up to 1,85 Kw)

Insulation class F

Protection degree IP44; IP55 ≥ 4,5 HP

P1: 0,5 kW

Q max: 2,4 [m3/h]

H max: 40 [m]